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Researcher, Motivational Speaker, Author

Dr. Rebecca Foster, Clairvoyant Medium, with over 33 of years experience in providing messages from loved ones who have passed over, provides reasoning as to how past lives affect current paths, and helps those overcome pains and losses. Dr. Foster provides validation to those seeking confirmation that loved ones are safe and have moved on. Furthermore, she provides guidance and direction on a variety of topics such as addressing those who may be experiencing spiritual happenings, depression, anxiety and life threatening thoughts or behaviors. Her passions lie with helping those who are in need of guidance, seeking uplifting messages, or perhaps just need a new perspective. Dr. Foster is merely a tool through which God and heavenly beings utilize to communicate their messages of unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding. Thereby allowing individuals to finally see that Spirit’s arms are wide open and the porch light is still on. 

“The king of kings is available to everyone, so who am I to be anything else?”

Vincent “Rocco” Vargas


Entrepreneur, Actor, Writer, Producer, Motivational Speaker

Vincent “Rocco” Vargas was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. After several years of college baseball, Vincent enlisted in the US Army and went on to serve 3 combat deployments with 2nd Battalion of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. After 4 years of active duty service to his country, he joined the U.S. Army Reserves and continued his service. In 2009, he became a Federal Agent with the Department of Homeland Security, and was a Medic with the Special Operations Group.

Vincent is currently starring in the number one cable television series in 2018, Mayans MC on FX. When time allows, he also is a motivational speaker that focuses on Leadership, Military transition and motivating youth audiences. Happily married with 6 kids and a baby on the way.  


What is Bigfoot Collectors Club?

Bigfoot Collectors Club is a hilarious Paranormal Podcast featuring celebrity guests and stories of High Strangeness. Hosted by actors and armchair crypto-zoologists Bryce Johnson and Michael Mcmillian. Each week they explore their guests Personal Paranormal History before diving into a story of High Strangeness like the Van-Meter visitor, Mothman, The Patterson/Gimlin footage, The Flatwoods Monster, The Beast of Bray Rd, and many more. Past guests have included Bobcat Goldthwait, Craig Ferguson, Anna Camp, Joe Mangienello, Rachel Bloom, Tom Everett Scott, Erin Hayes. Conversations range from “Could Bigfoot be an inter-dimensional creature?” “Is there a wolf-man that’s been terrorizing the farmlands of Wisconsin since the late 90’s?” “Is there a guy who can really look to the sky and summon UFOs?” and why does Bryce believe in Mermaids…which he does. What are you waiting for? Join the club!


Bryce Johnson: is a film and television actor and producer most notably known for his roles in Willow Creek, Death Valley, and Pretty Little Liars as well as voicing the title role in Marvel’s full length animated film, Dr. Strange. Bryce’s most recent project has him looking for the Big Man himself in Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot. From an eerie childhood encounter with a yellow-eyed demon peering through his window to filming UFO’s, Bryce brings with him his paranormal expertise and enthusiasm as a “true believer”.


Michael McMillian: is best known for his role as the gay American-vampire  ‘Steve Newlin’ on HBO”s True Blood.  His other credits include recurring roles on Silicon Valley, Hot in Cleveland and the critically acclaimed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Michael is an Emmy-nominated host for his work on the Game of Thrones Lincoln Center Premiere for HBO and Facebook Live! Michael is an open-minded guy who has been fascinated with the paranormal his whole life. He has seen one ghost and what was probably an alien.


Riley Bray: is a Producer and musician extraordinaire, not to mention the fact that the BCC Clubhouse is well…his. Riley is a multi faceted individual who while not playing with his country psychedelic rock band the Spindrifts, enjoys hearing Bryce and Michael wax poetic on all things High Strangeness while he live-scores their discussion. Oh, and there is good chance he may have been abducted when he was a kid.

Bigfoot Collectors Club

Acclaimed actor/producer as well as creator and host of the popular podcast “Bigfoot Collectors Club,” Bryce has been obsessed with Bigfoot ever since he was a young boy. Although acting is his profession, researching the strange and unexplained along with crypto-zoological creatures is his passion. Those two pursuits converged in 2013 when Bryce starred in the critically lauded movie “Willow Creek,” a found-footage horror film about a quest to find evidence of Bigfoot. While researching his role, Bryce met Robert “Bob” Gimlin, the man who, along with Roger Patterson, captured the legendary footage of Bigfoot in 1967. That meeting and their subsequent friendship, cemented Bryce’s commitment to pursuing the truth about the existence of Bigfoot.

Mike Feltner lives in Cincinnati, Ohio
and works for the Turpin School District
Mike Miller also lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works for UPS
After their Bigfoot researching paths
crossed; Mike Miller and Mike Feltner
joined forces in 2014 to become the
'Ohio Night Stalkers'
They soon captured the captivating  audio evidence that put them
on the hit series Destination America's
Terror in the Woods.
They're also featured on the
Coast 2 Coast Radio program
in 2017  and travel throughout the
states speaking at conferences about their amazing evidence and research.
Dont miss your opportunity to meet the Ohio Night Stalkers at the IBC.



Radio host Clyde Lewis is a powerful voice in parapolitical and paranormal news and commentary. With a diverse background in news, acting, writing, and radio, he entertains and captivates audiences across multiple platforms. Lewis’ career in radio began in Utah in 1982 and he created Ground Zero in 1995 in Salt Lake City. Lewis has produced Ground Zero programs online, on radio and on television. The program (which takes its name from the scientific definition of the term) joined FM News 101 KXL in Portland, OR in 2011 and consistently ranks #1 in the market. Ground Zero has been nationally syndicated since 2012 and broadcasting on close to 300 radio stations across the country. Clyde Lewis ranks #5 in the TalkStreamLive Power 50 - the 50 Most Influential and Most Listened-To Streaming Talk Show Hosts. He is also ranked as the #1 paranormal streaming show.





Claudio Bergamin is a professional illustrator of the fantasy genre.

His work portfolio ranges from album and book covers to comics and conceptual design for video games. His client portfolio spreads through many countries and his work experience goes back more than 17 years.

Bergamin attended the Faculty of Arts of Playa Ancha University in Valparaíso, Chile. He then moved to Italy to work as a photographer in a high-end studio for several years.   After Italy, he moved to London England where he worked as a photo-manipulator in several Stock Photography agencies. His early work on album covers and advertising photography for South American bands lead him to consistent commission work from record labels all over Europe.  Back in Chile, he embarked on the project "Tricentenario", a 70 page graphic novel which was eventually published in 2014.  Concurrently, he kept producing cover artwork for high profile acts, such as Accept, Lucybell, Rata Blanca, Battle Beast, Arjen Lucassen, and Rob Halford.  

During recent years he has submerged himself in the world of Ufology, Cryptozoology and the Paranormal. In these fields, he has worked to create accurate renditions of the most famous cases as well as book covers for leading researchers such as Lyle Blackburn, Loren Coleman, and Ancient Aliens Expert, David H. Childress.  Among the most relevant cases he has worked on are Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky) and Bob Gimlin (Patteron-Gimlin Film).  Claudio currently works with the iconic British band Judas Priest, for which he created the cover illustration of their latest album, "Firepower".